The House of Saxe-Gotha – Princely Crown of Europe

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Knut Kreuch, Katherine Vanovitch (Transl.), The House of Saxe-Gotha – Princely Crown of Europe, 64 Seiten, 68 Abb., Format 13,6 x 19 cm, 1st edition 2024, Verarbeitung: Klappenbroschur Klebebindung, ISBN 978-3-95976-482-7

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They really do exist, those “seven wonders of the Ernestinian world”, because one family blessed humanity with its biggest early baroque palace complex, its oldest functional baroque theatre, its first baroque version of a Protestant palace church, its most precious ducal library, a chamber of art and curiosities in its original setting, the most magnificent coin cabinet, and all this surrounded by a unique landscaped park with a breathtaking urban backdrop. And now you will be wondering where you can find all these things in a single place. The answer is: Gotha.

Experience the history of an ancient family which, in the 21st century, is related to every royal family in Europe and to princes all over the world, and of whom the world can rightly say: “The House of Saxe-Gotha – Princely Crown of Europe”.

The author

Knut Kreuch (born 1966), fitter and public administrator, has been fascinated by local, regional and national history ever since he was 13. From 1998 until 2006 Kreuch was mayor of the rural district Günthersleben-Wechmar, which garnered federal awards. Since 2006 he has been the First Mayor of Gotha, seat of Thuringian nobility. He is passionate about folk costumes, the story of the musical Bach family and unearthing Gotha’s history. In an honorary capacity he chairs Wechmar’s local history society, the Thuringian association for traditional costumes and its federal counterpart, the Deutscher Trachtenverband.

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