Gotha, World*Heritage*Town – A Walk

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Knut Kreuch (Text), Katherine Vanovitch (Transl.), Carlo Böttger (Fotos), World*Heritage*Town Gotha – A Walk, 88 Seiten, 92 Abb., Format 13,6 x 19 cm, 1st English edition 2023, Verarbeitung: Broschur Klebebindung, Kunstverlag Josef Fink, ISBN 978-3-95976-438-4

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The author

Knut Kreuch (1966), fitter and public administrator, has been exploring local and regional history since the age of 13. From 1998 to 2006 Kreuch was mayor of the award-winning rural district Günthersleben-Wechmar. Since 2006 he has been mayor of Gotha, seat of Thuringian dukes. His passions include folk costumes, the story of the musical Bach family and unearthing Gotha’s history. In a voluntary capacity he chairs Wechmar’s local history society, the Thuringian association for traditional costumes and its federal counterpart, the Deutscher Trachtenverband.

The guide is also available as ➜ German Edition.

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