Kloster Seeon (English Edition)


Lothar Altmann, Kloster Seeon, The Centre for Culture and Education of Upper Bavaria and its Monastic Roots, 64 pages, 74 illustrations, dimensions 15,5 x 21 cm, 1 edition 2011, ISBN 978-3-89870-590-5

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Kloster Seeon opened in 1993 as the Upper Bavarian Centre of Culture and Education, bringing the former abbey back into the public eye. Its intellectual traditions, which date back many centuries, can now be fostered in a new perspective. And although Kloster Seeon is no longer a community of monks, the Benedictine Rule is a timeless thread that inspires contemporary operations. Lothar Altmann’s Art Guide describes the history, construction, architectural particularities and noteworthy sights of this one-time Benedictine abbey, founded in the late 10th century on the shores of the Chiemsee, whose scriptorium ranked in the early Middle Ages as one of the leading producers of manuscripts in Europe.

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