Berlin, St Mary’s Church by Alexanderplatz

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Jörg Restorff (Translation: Katherine Vanovitch), St Mary’s Church by Alexanderplatz in Berlin, 32 Seiten, 42 Abb., Format 13,6 x 19 cm, 1st edition 2023, ISBN 978-3-95976-462-9

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St. Mary’s Church was built around 1270 as the parish church of Berlin’s Neustadt. The hall church, a representative of the Marchean brick Gothic, is thus one of the outstanding architectural monuments of the city’s early history. The frieze of the Dance of Death in the vestibule, which dates from around 1470, and the Baroque furnishings – especially the altar, Schlüter pulpit and organ – deserve special attention. The Council and City Church of Berlin is the preaching place of the bishop of the Protestant Church Berlin-Brandenburg-Silesian Upper Lusatia. As a city church, St. Marien sees itself as a place of prayer, reflection, worship and togetherness in the midst of a large city.

The art guide is also available in a German edition.

The Kunstverlag Josef Fink also published an art guide with a similar layout about the Parochial Church in the monastery district of Berlin.

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