History of the Franciscan Sisters of Dillingen from 1241 to 1900


Sr. Michaela Haas OSF, History of the Franciscan Sisters of Dillingen from 1241 to 1900 (Translation: Sr. Beate Kleß OSF), 248 Seiten, 52 Abb., Format 14,8 x 21 cm, 1st edition 2018, ISBN 978-3-95976-070-6

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In “Swabian Rome”, as Dillingen on the Danube has often been called, the Franciscan Sisters of Dillingen may in 2016 look back at 775 years since their foundation. In 1241, a donation of the Counts Hartmann IV of Dillingen and Kyburg and his son, Hartmann V, laid the economic basis for the livelihood of a group of religious women. Already at the beginning of 1303 Bishop Degenhard of Augsburg advised this free association of sisters to join the Strasbourg Province of the Friars Minor. This way they became Tertiaries.

For 600 years the city of Dillingen remained the only sphere of activity for the Franciscan Sisters of Dillingen. Reflecting and acting, the sisters faced the special incidents and needs of their time in the spirit of the Gospel and in the mission of the church. This their charism helped them to overcome times of crises and to make new beginnings.

After the secularization the Convent experienced an unforeseeable progress under the leadership of Theresia Haselmayr. The sisters took over teaching and education in schools, kindergartens and homes, far beyond the municipal area. In cooperation with Regens Johann Evangelist Wagner the “foundation stone” for the great social work of charity in Bavaria, the “Regens Wagner Institutions” was laid in 1847. Today the services of the Franciscan Sisters of Dillingen are manifold and at international level, in Europe, in the United States of America, in Brazil, and in India.

There is also a German edition available.

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