Life in the Early Middle Ages in 36 Chapters

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Stiftsarchiv St.Gallen, Peter Erhart (ed.), Life in the Early Middle Ages in 36 Chapters, 188 Seiten, 50 Abb., Format 21 x 28,5 cm, Verarbeitung: Hardcover, ISBN 978-3-95976-351-6

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Companion volume to the exhibition at the Abbey Archives of St.Gall, “The Miracle of Transmission – The Plan of St.Gall and Europe in the early Middle Ages”, on the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the monastery of St.Gall.

With contributions by Philippe Depreux, Peter Erhart, Hans-Werner Goetz, Karl Heidecker, Jakob Kuratli Hüeblin, Klaus-Peter Schäffel, Rafael Wagner, Bernhard Zeller.

Translated by Jamie Kreiner and Helmut Reimitz

Also available in German and French:

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